Are anxiety, depression, relationship problems/breakdown, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, loneliness, grief wrecking your life?

If problems (large or small) keep knocking you off your feet and are:

  • affecting your sleep, appetite, motivation and relationships,
  • making you sad, angry, anxious, depressed, lonely, unsure of yourself,
  • sucking the joy and energy and passion out of your life.

It’s time to clear out these symptoms and get you well and happy again by dealing with the cause, ie the underlying trauma that lock you into your symptoms and stop you achieving the life of your dreams.

Let me tell you about trauma therapy and what it offers you: It is tailored to you and your personal situation. If you are a suitable candidate, it can create big lasting shifts, on-going. It can energise, enskill and strengthen you to cope well with things that used to knock you for six. It does not retraumatise you.  The initial process takes 3-4 sessions of 60-120 minutes, and is provided in private online teleconferencing sessions, and can form a base for follow-up life-coaching to further enskill and energise you.

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Healing the causes not just the symptoms