Hi, my name is Jessica Vivien. I am a registered psychologist and I began working in mental health in 1989 when I was asked to set up a centre in Auckland NZ to help workers struggling with ACC(NZ’s version of Workers Compensation).

I was able to help by sharing what I had learnt through my own struggle as an injured press photographer, and I also completed a three-year counselling diploma and then 3 degrees in psychology so I would understand my clients better and have the therapies that would help them better. I learnt skills in basic standard approaches like CBT and DBT, and how to help couples with their relationships, and people who are suicidal, or in deep distress of various sorts.

I have gone on learning more and more through many formal professional training programmes, trying to make sense of what goes wrong in the human psyche and how to fix it. Learning from my own life trauma and struggles, and from family and friends and of course from my clients. And learning how put the pieces together to create an individualised therapy process for each person I see.

My new trauma treatment draws from many different fields; trauma research, attachment theory, child development, memory reconsolidation, neuropsychology, neuroplasticity, etc. It is powerful with a solid scientific base behind it I tailor it to you and your personal situation. It creates big lasting shifts fast in appropriate clients. It energises and strengthens you to cope well with whatever comes your way, and does not retraumatise. It takes 3-4 sessions of 90-120 minutes, and can be provided face-to-face or in private online teleconferencing sessions.

Contact me now: [email protected]
ph 08 9293 3794 fax 08 6208 3283

Healing the causes not just the symptoms